Organic Polymeric materials generally absorb moisture to some measureable degree when immersed in water or when exposed to atmospheric moisture. The amount of moisture usually depends upon the chemical properties of the material. The absorption of the moisture can have both reversible and irreversible effects on properties and performance. Sorbed moisture acts as a plasticizer reducing the glass transition temperature and the strength properties of the plastic. Sorbed water can also induce physical corrosion.

To remove the moisture problem and thereby increase the productivity and profitability of your product our R&D department has introduced a product named Sanjivani, a powerful desiccant to be used in Rubber and Plastic industry.


Elimination of moisture related problems in recycled polymers.

  • Physical corrosion;
  • Porosity;
  • Strength of the end product;
  • Scratching on end product;
  • Porosity;
  • Fish eye.


  • Check the condition of the inner packaging and avoid using if damaged.
  • Use up within 16 hrs. of opening the inner packing;
  • Addition rate:1%-3%;
  • Simply mix with plastic raw materials;
  • Avoid storing with wet materials.

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