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Our successful entry and retention in the plastic and rubber industry happened only because we have team of plastic professionals, who are technically qualified and have rich knowledge of their specific domains like injection molding, film extrusion, pipe and profile extrusion, rubber compounding etc., who in turn help us attain maximum customer satisfaction.

Desiccant Master Batch

Desiccant Master batch is an innovative drying agent, water absorber used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled LD, LLDPE, HM, PP, ABS, PA PV, PVC, etc. Mainly used in injection molding, film line, sheets etc.


Formula No. 1

Plastic Processing: Poly Ethylene is the most widely used thermo plastic polymers. Normally high percentage of moisture is retained due to washing process and hence to counter such problem our R&D department developed 'Formula No. 1' which will eliminate fogging and similar problems and will provide a smooth surface to the end product.



Recylcing: Poly Propylene, most commonly used plastic and majorly recycled PP is associated with a major problem of Silver Streaks, Fish Eyes, and Porosity. Keeping this in mind we have come up with 'Sanjivani'. Our additive will eliminate these problems and give the product more strength, smooth surface and extra gloss.



PVC recycling is one of the most widely used hygroscopic resin, and hence major problem are encountered by processors For this problem we developed KARISHMA as a solution, specially keeping the cosmetic finishes, whether glossy, non reflective or scratch resistant properties in mind along with additional benefits of a smooth finish, and elimination of pine holes.


Desiccant Putty

It is a high quality chemical dispersion of calcium oxide. The product has been formulated to provide an easily manageable chemical in putty form. This form offers maximum protection from heat generation during storage and provides greater shelf life.

Proper storage of desiccants is essential for their use. Always keep product in a cool dry place, stored away from humid air. Any partially used containers should be kept tightly closed to prevent any premature reaction. Avoid contact with exposed skin and eyes. Always wash thoroughly after handling.


BR Moistfree

Formulated for Butyl Rubber compounds.
In most applications of rubber products there is no alternative except other rubbers. It has very high deformability. BR moistfree is a special –pre-dispersed additive used as a desiccant in rubber compounds which are cured on micro-wave systems, LCM or hot air. Moisture which is present in all rubber chemicals, especially fillers, will be absorbed. This reaction will happen while storing the uncured rubber compounds.


EPDM Moistfree

Rubber compounds utilizing Moistfree Desiccant dispersion, particularly EPDM compounds finds excellent use in tires, tire treads, carcasses, belting, hoses , inner tubes, automotive components, and other goods such as seals, form, tubes, and may include accelerators, retreads, activators, etc.



Transbloc specialty silica is developed with low refractive index is best utilized in clear and transparent systems where improved durability, light stability and resistance to moisture are required.



Iron-free grinding of selected quartz sand with a high SiO2-content in ball or vibration mills produces silica. The controlled particle size distribution is realized using rotor driven air separators.


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