Karishma is a hygroscopic additive that can be used for drying purposes because of its affinity towards water. It absorbs water vapor from the product. It can be named as a heart of dehumidifier dryer system for hoppers, molders etc. Most plastics can absorb 3 – 15 % of their dry weight whereas our Additive can absorb 20 – 40 %. In use it becomes saturated with moisture requiring it to be regenerated by heating it to drive off moisture. The drying process is called selective absorption and it can be repeated several times.


Elimination of moisture related problems in PVC.

  • Non Refractive or Scratch resistant;
  • It is non-scorching when used with wide range of conventional accelerators.
  • It has delayed action but fast reaction.
  • Does not influence the cure reaction.


  • Low pressure curing in Cable Industry
  • Blistering of finished surfaces as in rubber and PVC flooring.
  • Reduce streaking in polymers compound due to moisture.
  • Control of moisture content in tire cords or rubber bounded to metals.
  • Removal of moisture in fabric spread coatings to avoid pinholes, blisters and surface blemishes

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