Formula No.1

Poly Ethylene is the most widely used thermo plastic polymers and large quantity of these is recycled by processors. Normally high percentage of moisture is retained due to washing process and hence to counter such problem our R&D department developed 'Formula No. 1' which will eliminate fogging and similar problems and will provide a smooth surface to the end product.

Formula no.1 is a unique additive tailored to meet specific requirements developed to assist in eliminating porosity during processing where plastics and rubber with good dimensional stability and gloss are demanded for items requiring cosmetic finishes whether glossy, non-reflective or scratch resistant and especially continues vulcanization and to overcome any problem, which may arise due to the presence of moisture in compounding ingredients like silica, Carbon Black, Talc, Calcium Carbonate etc.


  • It is non-scorching when used with wide range of conventional accelerators.
  • It has delayed action but fast reaction.
  • Does not influence the cure reaction.
  • Can be effectively used with Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC etc.
  • Removes Moisture in fabric spread coatings to avoid pinholes, blisters and surface blemishes.

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