Desiccant Master Batch

Desiccant Master batch is an innovative drying agent, water absorber used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled LD, LLDPE, HM, PP, ABS, PA PV, PVC, etc. Mainly used in injection molding, film line, sheets etc.

Desiccant Master batch is a Plastic dehumidifier for recycle PP, PE material. It is a new functional master-batch designed to resolve the moisture generated during the plastic products processing which uses the recycle PE, PP materials Desiccant Master batch may be used to add and simply mix with the recycle materials before the plastic molding processing, which make us carry out molding processing without the drying process, so it is user-friendly, and can improve the production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Desiccant is an additive having a moisture adsorptive capacity of not less than 28.5% by weight. The distinguishing feature of Desiccant is that it will absorb a much greater amount of water vapor at a very low relative humidity than other materials. Desiccant is most effective where a low critical relative humidity is necessary, and where there is a high concentration of water vapor present.

Desiccant master batches can counter problems which develop during the processing of plastics due to the presence of moisture. Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers and pigments. Reclaim and recycled polymer can also have high moisture content. When processing polymer with high moisture content the polymer can become porous and show voids in molded articles or extruded sheet. In film applications the high moisture content can lead to Lansing and film bubble breakage.

Desiccant master batch chemically binds moisture during processing and allows higher levels of reclaim or recycled polymer to be used; addition of higher filler levels; and can reduce the need for pre-drying in many applications. Desiccant offers a simple and cost effective solution to solve moisture problems

Desiccant Master Batch enhances the product by:

  • Improves product quality and yield;
  • Increases productivity and reduces energy consumption;
  • Minimizes down glossing and hazing under high humidity application conditions;
  • Reduction- Prevention of moisture related problem including lacing and porosity of the molded product.


Elimination of moisture related problems in recycled polymers.

  • Fish Eye;
  • Porosity;
  • Windows/lenses in films;
  • Die buildup/ Gassing;
  • Silver streak in molding.


  • Adding more filler;
  • Improves surface GLOSS;
  • Increases STRENGTH;
  • Increases rate of production;
  • Homogenizes scraps of different rate flow.


  • Check the condition of the inner packaging and forbid using if damaged.
  • Use up within 8 hrs. After opening the inner packing;
  • Addition rate: 3% -6%;
  • Simply mix with plastic raw materials;
  • Do not store with wet materials.

Packaging & Store

  • Handle carefully to avoid packaging damaged;
  • Store in ventilated, dry and cool place to keep out of sun exposure and rain;
  • Recommended storage life: up to 6 months provided it is stored as directed.

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