BR Moistfree

Formulated for Butyl Rubber compounds.

In most applications of rubber products there is no alternative except other rubbers. It has very high deformability. BR moistfree is a special –pre-dispersed additive used as a desiccant in rubber compounds which are cured on micro-wave systems, LCM or hot air. Moisture which is present in all rubber chemicals, especially fillers, will be absorbed. This reaction will happen while storing the uncured rubber compounds.

Recommended use

BR moistfree should be used in order to prevent blisters and porosity in the following rubber processes.

  • Pressure less continuous curing systems like micro-wave, LCM, fluid beds or hot air
  • Low pressure curing in the cable industry
  • In compounds cured in heat transfer fluids.


Usually between 5-10 % calculated on the filler quantity. We recommend adding BR moistfree in the second mixing stage. A big part of the humidity can escape in the first step at higher mixing temperatures without being absorbed by our additive.

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