EPDM Moistfree

Rubber compounds utilizing Moistfree Desiccant dispersion, particularly EPDM compounds finds excellent use in tires, tire treads, carcasses, belting, hoses , inner tubes, automotive components, and other goods such as seals, form, tubes, and may include accelerators, retreads, activators, etc.

It is well known that the presence of moisture in rubber compounds formulations during the vulcanization process can cause serious deleterious effects in finished rubber products, at normal vulcanization temperature excessive moisture will "gas – out" causing surface anomalies such as blistering or voids on the cured rubber products. In addition to being unaesthetic, such surface anomalies, invariably reduces the service life of functional rubber products e.g. tires and extruded rubber product, EPDM in automotive and appliance, Nit rile Rubber, and thus keeping in mind our R & D has developed EPDM "Moistfree" grade of desiccant to suit different applications.


The dosage level of EPDM moistfree depends on the moisture of the several compounds. Considering the active content of our additive we can say that 70 grams of EPDM moistfree are able to absorb 18 grams (= 1 mol) of water (APPROX).Actual may vary with the rubber compounds.

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